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self directed support


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Self Directed Support is a way of providing assistance or care that allows individuals to have more control and choice over the support they receive. It empowers people to make decisions about their own care, tailoring it to their specific needs and preferences.

Through Self Directed Support, you can get various types of assistance tailored to your needs. This might include help with daily tasks like personal care, managing your home, or even support for social activities. The key is that you have more say in deciding what kind of support best fits your lifestyle and goals.

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one to one advice and support

Meet with one of our Improving Lives advisors to find out how Self Directed Support could benefit you. They can advise and support you through the process. 

Call us on 0141 237 4560 to make an appointment.

information sessions

We hold regular information sessions about Self Directed Support. These are held at our premises and out in the community too. Keep an eye on our What's On page for upcoming sessions in our Improving Lives Hub. 

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We are able to offer this service due to Scottish Government SiRD funding and by working in partnership with West Dunbartonsire Health and Social Care Partnership

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