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Tour De Millport 2023

At the weekend Kevin and I were joined by staff, volunteers and supporters once again in Millport for our annual sponsored cycle - The Tour De Millport.

As tradition would have it the weather was gloomy with some Scottish summer drizzle, something we are becoming increasingly used to at this event!

On the way to Millport one of our cars was involved in an accident due to mud on the road and although we had some shaken passengers everyone was ok.

The accident and the weather was not enough to dampen our spirits though, we went on to have our best Tour De Millport yet - and that got me thinking about the people we are lucky enough to have supporting us.

From staff coming along on their days off, board members going above and beyond their remit, volunteers giving up their Saturday, some people with disabilities having to get up that bit earlier to make the trip (and people with disabilities will know this could mean getting up a couple of hours earlier, adjusting meds, planning ahead etc) to football fans missing the game. Everyone gave a little of themselves to come all the way to Millport on the 9am ferry with us just to raise some money for the charity.

To say I’m grateful for these people is an understatement. Not just for supporting a charity that we love but for the friendship, the laughs, the smiles in the rain, the puddle splashing and the skint knees. For being as passionate about what the charity does for people as much as we are. For seeing the good, striving for better and always showing up.

So thank you to everyone who came along to this years Tour De Millport. We hope to make it even bigger and better next year!

Oh and a special shout out to the garage RK Horn Ltd of Millport who gave up their time to save the day and made sure our car was safe to drive back home!

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