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Volunteering at BDG

Updated: May 11, 2023

My name is Natalie Brockett.

I am 23 years old. My hobbies I love to do are dancing, coaching gymnastics, swimming, coaching sports club and walking the dog.

I live in Clydebank with my mum and dad and my pet dog Harley. I am a volunteer with The Big Disability Group. I have been researching the latest clubs, groups and organisations to keep their databases up to date. I have been attending open days and events with staff including recently helping with the focus group. I have been greeting visitors at the Big Disability Hub.

I have been doing admin tasks such as photocopying and arranging stationery.  I have been answering the phone and passing the call to the right person. I have been putting out the temporary ramp to ensure that the building is accessible for visitors in wheelchairs. I have been helping staff and other volunteers to set up rooms ready for the next day. I have been organising lunch and what we want to eat down at The Big Disability Group.

I feel like being at The Big Disability Group is so fantastic being there with staff and volunteers and it makes me feel fantastic that I am helping and I am a big help down there.

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