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Volunteer Story - Alexis

l contacted Improving Lives last year as l needed some advice and  support after a health diagnosis that l struggled to get my head round.

l was blown away with the support and compassion that l was shown. While having a chat with Selina Lead Advisor the subject of Volunteering came up, and that was how l became a Volunteer Advisor.

l enjoy the time that l spend in Improving Lives Hub everyone is treated with dignity and respect there is always a happy relaxed vibe about the place. l appreciate the knowledge that l have gained while Volunteering, and l look forward to continuing learning and gaining more knowledge and skills in the future.

One thing that my volunteering role has shown me is just how lonely, frightened, vulnerable  and unsupported some people can feel. If me volunteering with Improving Lives can help take some of these feelings away from the clients that l'm involved in supporting then giving up some of my time volunteering with the Charity is definitely worth it.

To anyone thinking about volunteering at Improving Lives I would say just go for it!

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