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Volunteer Story - Natalie

My name is Natalie, I'm 25 years old and I am a volunteer here at Improving Lives. My volunteer roles are Writing Group Coordinator and general volunteer as I help out where I can.

I have been a volunteer at Improving Lives for a year and 7 months now. I decided to begin volunteering with them because I wanted to keep myself busy. I have enjoyed volunteering with Improving Lives because it makes me happy to volunteer here. It has helped me increase my confidence, helped me meet new people and has given me experience in an office environment. The thing I am most proud of from my time volunteering with Improving Lives would need to be starting up my own writing group. It took ages to get started but now look what I am doing in Improving Lives - my very own writing group and I am very happy to be doing this!

I would recommend people to volunteer at Improving Lives because it is a fantastic charity to help out. You would get experience on stuff you have not done before and learn new things.

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